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Depositions are an important part of the legal process. A deposition is one of the many ways that a lawyer can obtain information to help better prepare a case for trial. Anyone who may have relevant information about a case may be deposed, which often leads to many deponents.


Court Reporting

When it comes to legal proceedings, some people without much experience in the field might be tempted to cut costs by not hiring a court reporter. Thanks to advancements in digital recording technology that have enhanced the quality and convenience of recording, some people think they can rely on their devices for depositions and trials.

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Court Reporter

Emerson Reporting Inc. is a name you can trust for professional court reporting. Our experienced and well-established team of court reporters can provide you with an accurate transcript of your legal proceedings, ensuring that everything is documented correctly. We use up-to-date recording technology and have a consistent history of successful reporting, so you can feel confident in the quality of our work when you take advantage of our services.


Medical Transcription

Emerson Reporting Inc. offers a range of transcription packages, each designed to suit specific budgetary requirements. We believe medical transcription is not a one-size-fits-all situation. We cater to the specific needs of your organization.


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