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Are you in search of an experienced, dependable team of court reporters working on your side?

Emerson Reporting Inc. has the services you need. Our team of highly qualified court reporters is dedicated to creating accurate, detailed transcriptions delivered in a timely manner.

Using the latest in recording technology and software, we provide Bloomington-area clients with reliable records that will simplify and benefit your legal process.

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Experienced Court Reporters in Bloomington

Recording legal proceedings serves many different purposes.

Court reporting permanently preserves spoken records, statements, or decisions and verifies their accuracy for posterity.

Emerson Reporting Inc. has extensive experience creating court documents, depositions, and sworn statements. Our reporting services are completed and submitted in a timely manner, with accuracy and dependability as the top priority.

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Legal Transcription Process

No matter the nature of your court case, court reporting services are an integral component of the judiciary process.

Accurately recording court proceedings must be completed in a detailed manner in order to ensure that the information and decisions collected are adhered to.

Traditionally, court reporters would type transcriptions verbatim in real time. However, advances in technology have resulted in recording equipment being used to facilitate the process.

Emerson Reporting Inc. combines these methods to ensure the most accurate, precise transcriptions. Our highly qualified court reporters receive extensive training in legal and medical terminology, and must be able to type at a speed of at least 225 words per minute.

We provide verbatim transcriptions of all court proceedings, regardless of whether someone has spoken inarticulately or inaudibly. We do not rely solely on recordings—while an excellent reference point, recording can be affected by simultaneous speech or background noise.

Court Reporting Services

Emerson Reporting Inc. provides legal reporting services for a wide variety of purposes.

We have the experience and resources to provide real-time transcription, depositions and arbitrations, hearings, trials, and litigation, sworn statements, and legal video recording.

Emerson Reporting Inc.’s court reporter will be present at the hearing, recording and notating the proceedings. A written, verbatim account of the events will then be submitted. The account will be a fully accurate, comprehensive record of the court proceedings.

In addition to our competitive rates, we’re pleased to offer rapid turnaround times for our legal reporting services. You can receive a standard, expedited, or real-time transcript of your case.

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Our Legal Transcriptionists

Emerson Reporting Inc.’s team of court reporters are professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality of service.

We understand that margins of error must be non-existent in court reporting. Our verbatim transcripts reflect quality and an attention-to-detail that clients from all walks of life appreciate.

Proudly serving the Bloomington area, Emerson Reporting Inc. operates over 20 counties in the state of Indiana. Our court reporters are able to travel within our service area at no additional cost.

Regardless of the type of court case in question, our experts ensure that the information and outcomes are correctly documented and verified.

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