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At Emerson Reporting Inc., our transcriptionists are well-versed in the medical terminology needed to produce accurate medical transcriptions every time. We believe that transcription requires more than simply listening and recording. It requires a knowledge of the discipline. It requires an understanding of what is being said. Otherwise, the details get lost. And when it comes to the medical profession, every detail is critical.

So if you are an Indianapolis medical professional or medical institution in need of transcription services, Emerson Reporting Inc. is your number one choice. We offer fast turnaround times, affordable prices, and the most accurate results in the industry.

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From Voice to Text in Indianapolis

When an audio or video recording is created, it’s often necessary to get a written record. Our medical transcription typically focuses on medical roundtable discussions, medical symposiums, medical advisory board meetings, administrative hospital meetings, doctor-patient correspondence, doctors voice recordings, and much more. Basically, we can transcribe anything that’s been recorded.

Moreover, as stenographers, we’re also able to do live transcription in real-time. Emerson Reporting Inc. is dedicated to getting you the high-quality transcriptions you need to maintain your organization and provide great services to your clients.

Quality Transcription Services

We abide by the rule that in the transcription industry, there is no room for error. It’s that simple. No mistakes.

Which is why we make sure that all our medical transcriptionists have the requisite training required for understanding the complicated jargon of the medicine. This goes for private practices, hospitals, university research centers, and more. By having a deep understanding of what is being said, it becomes next to impossible to mishear a syllable. We get it right, the first time. Our medical transcription accuracy scores are the highest in the industry!

With years of experience in the field, we’ve become transcription experts in medical fields as varied as:

  • • Oncology
  • • Endocrinology
  • • Ophthalmology
  • • Neurology
  • • Pediatrics
  • • Dermatology
  • • Urology
  • • Anesthesiology
  • • Radiology
  • • Gastroenterology
  • • Gynecology
  • • And more…

Quick Turnaround Times

We know how important it is to get written records filed quickly. We know what an important role medical transcriptions play in providing high-quality patient care. And we know that late medical transcriptions can cause serious miscommunications. That’s why we offer some of the fastest turn-around times around. It’s a chain reaction: by offering the best service possible, you’ll be able to offer the best service possible.

Affordable Rates for any Budget

Emerson Reporting Inc. offers a range of transcription packages, each designed to suit specific budgetary requirements. We believe medical transcription is not a one-size-fits-all situation. We cater to the specific needs of your organization. Whether you need a medical transcription for a specific event or for a regular set of meetings or for scheduled appointments, we can create an estimate that works for you. Customer service is, after all, one of our top priorities. Besides quick turnaround times and near-perfect accuracy, we believe offering flexible pricing schemas is an important part of maintaining continuous clients in the long-run.

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