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When it comes to legal proceedings, some people without much experience in the field might be tempted to cut costs by not hiring a court reporter. Thanks to advancements in digital recording technology that have enhanced the quality and convenience of recording, some people think they can rely on their devices for depositions and trials.

Despite the increased quality and convenience, court reporters still serve a very important purpose and their services cannot be replaced by technology just yet. A certified court reporter has received extensive training on how to type at breakneck speeds as well as all the necessary legal protocol and terminology. Plus, technology can have some difficulty transcribing a recording. If words are spoken too quickly or unclearly, a piece of technology will proceed assuming what was said to the best of its ability. This can cause problems down the line, but a court reporter can mitigate the issue by asking courtroom members to repeat or clarify.

For unparalleled accuracy and real-time court reporting in Indianapolis, contact Emerson Reporting today. Emerson Reporting has been proud to provide exceptional court reporting services from certified reporters in Indianapolis. Whether it’s a hearing, a trial, a sworn statement, etc., our stenographers have demonstrated time and again that we are the top choice for anyone in need of accurate, verbatim transcripts.

Call (317) 695-3300 to speak with a member of the Emerson Reporting team to find out more about how we can help. Our Court Reporting Services Include

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  • Depositions and arbitration
  • Hearings, trials and litigation
  • Sworn statements
  • Legal video
  • Conference room availability

Thanks to our many years in the industry, if you don’t see the court reporting service you require, just give us a call at (317) 695-3300 today and speak to a member of Emerson Reporting directly. We pride ourselves on being able to go above and beyond the needs of any client, so get in touch with us today for all your court reporting needs.

Quality reporting that captures every word accurately and exceed industry expectations is our specialty, so don’t miss this opportunity to schedule the best court reporters in Indianapolis. With over 15 years of experience, we have proven time and again to be the best option, so don’t settle for anything but the best and give us a call today.


In terms of court reporting, there are no half measures. When it comes to covering stories that often involve serious crimes and high-profile defendants, there really is no scope for errors. On top of that, when you enlist the services of a tried and trusted court reporting team, you want to make sure that every single detail is accurately recorded. By choosing Emerson Reporting Inc. as your number one court reporting team, you can make sure that this is the case.

Every member of our team is dedicated to what they do and take no shortcuts in the pursuit of perfection. And although speed and accuracy are the hallmarks by which we will never waiver, there are a range of other attributes that we bring to the table. With that in mind, here are the three traits that we, and every other good court reporter, should always possess:

  1. Courthouse Knowledge: Given the complexity and sheer range of cases that often come before the courthouse here in Indianapolis, there is a requirement for each of our court reporters to be well-informed of current affairs, what’s happening in the news and have a respected understanding of everything from crime to family to tax avoidance laws. On top of that, a large vocabulary is a must as detailing the ins and outs of a specific case can often require a broad knowledge language to tell the story as accurately as possible.
  2. A Sharp Skill-Set: When all is said and done the precision of a reporter’s skill-set is what separates them from those who wish they could do this job. Knowing what information is relevant and what is not is a key part of this and something that all our professionals take very seriously. Time spent expanding their vocabulary as well as improving digital skills can make all the difference between a mediocre reporter and one that is destined for greatness, and at Emerson Reporting Inc. we make sure that all our professionals fall into the second category! Put it this way, digital knowledge and experience is no longer optional, and any HR manager worth their salt will look for court reporters who have these digital chops on their resume. In fact, nowadays many court reporters choose to become real-time certified.
  3. A Proactive Mindset: By virtue of the fact that court reporters have to work independently a large amount of the time, it should come as no surprise that a proactive mindset is one of the most important attributes that is needed on the job. The ability to produce accurate transcripts is something that every good court reporter should strive to do and here at Emerson Reporting Inc., this is certainly the case. On top of that, having excellent organizational and time management skills are a must and can make all the difference in a high-profile case in one of our many Indianapolis courtrooms.

Only the Best Court Reporters

If you are looking for court reporting services, we are certain that you have very discerning taste. You only want the best court reporting services because accurate transcripts make a world of difference no matter what the details of the case are. To make sure we are always providing the top court reporting services in the Indianapolis area, Emerson Reporting only works with the exceptional candidates. Completing the necessary training and getting certified is not enough for us. So, choosing us ensures that you are working with a reporter who has exceeded our high standards.

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